Resources for COVID 19

Inner Balance Psychology Center will continue to serve our patients and the community through out the COVID 19 pandemic. In response to the pandemic, we have modified our practices to provide teletherpay for both existing and new patients. Your mental health is important to us and we are committed to doing our best to meet the needs of our patients in the community at this time. Please call us with any questions or concerns.  Below you will find some information including resources for ways to best manage your emotional and mental well being.

During this time many people will experience elevated levels of anxiety and stress, which is a normal response, however this can result in ineffective coping. The most effective way to elevate the negative effects of stress is to reach out to others for support rather than isolating. We recommend keeping social distancing in mind along with communicating with others electronically by way of phone calls, texting and video calls all of which are a great way to mitigate the effects of stress.

We encourage you to listen to Kelly Megonigal Ted talk for more information about how to make stress your friend:


Exercise and diet are important to both your physical an mental health, specifically for those working at home. A regular at home routine is important and helps our bodies to be healthy and to stave off symptoms of depression.  In addition, be mindful of how much information you are taking in and from what sources. We strongly encourage an attempt to limit how often you watch/ listen/ read the news and perhaps make a commitment to getting updates only at certain times of the day. Also, make sure your information is coming from reputable sources as there are many illegitimate sources floating around on the internet.

Please refer to the CDC’s website as well as the World Health Organization for up to date information.


For more information and resources about your mental health and COVID 19 please check out these recommendations from NAMI and SAMHSA.


For parents and caregivers here are some recommendations.

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