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Psychological Testing

What can you expect and how much will it cost?

The Process of Psychological Testing

Psychological testing can provide valuable information about the way a person thinks, learns and copes.  It is a critical part of the process of accurately diagnosing learning disabilities and attention problems, as well as a way of better understanding an individual’s intellectual, behavioral and social-emotional development.

The process of psychological testing consists of information gathering in a variety of ways:  the psychologist will conduct and interview to gain information about developmental history and the current concerns, review previous evaluations and information, collect information from outside sources including schools or family members (with your consent, of course), as well as in office test administration.

Tests administered may include measures of current intellectual functioning (“I.Q.”), academic achievement, learning style (e.g., information processing style), memory, visual-motor functioning, attention, executive functioning, social-emotional functioning and personality functioning.  The tests will be selected to answer the specific questions identified by you and the psychologist.

Baseline and Post Injury Testing for Concussions/Head Injuries

Tests administered for baseline and post injury testing for children and adults ages 5 to 59 can assess and evaluate neuro cognitive functioning prior to an injury and post injury. The only FDA approved ImPACT is a computerized test that gives healthcare providers an objective measure of neurocognitive functioning for evaluation and management of concussions in ages 59. Because the test is individually administered, ImPACT is engaging for children and adults and is easy to use in a clinical setting.

How much will psychological testing cost?

The charges for psychological testing include review of background data, test administration, scoring, report writing time, and the follow-up meeting to review test results.  The cost for these services is listed below.  Occasionally, a single specific test is requested.  In that case, the fee will be based upon the test administered.  Please discuss the charges in advance with the psychologist and a more specific quote can be provided at your first meeting.

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